Web Design & Development for the Little Guys

Big impact for little prices.


Your site will use "responsive design", meaning it will look great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.


Your site will be built "lean", meaning it will load fast, with no clutter slowing it down.


Your site will be to the point, it will communicate your message clearly or sell your products on their merits.

Selected Existing Clients
  • Paul Patterson's Official Site

    Bespoke build; Specialist Content Management; Media & Performances administration pages; Complete website CMS; Biography; Works list and search; Photo Gallery

    pp-a-1 pp-a-2

    Web Development by me, Design by Richie Pearce

  • Rebecca Wilcox's Official Site

    Bespoke build; Dynamic; Administration Pages including CMS; Articles list; Photo Gallery; Showreel; Twitter feed

    rw-a-1 rw-a-2

    Web Development by me, Design by Richie Pearce

  • iowhv-1

    Bespoke build; Specialised client-animal registration functionality; Administration Pages including CMS

    iowhv-a-1 iowhv-a-2

    Web Development by me, Design by Richie Pearce

  • vukutu-1

    Flat file based solution; Site Design; Custom-Themed Wordpress blog

    Web Development and Design by Me

I'm Jez McKean, a full-time web developer, based between Winchester and Southampton in Hampshire, making a little freelance money on the side to support my family - meaning I may not be able to answer emails during normal office hours, but you'll be paying a fraction of what you could spend if you went to an agency.

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